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Mobile Marketing world is growing every single day. In a few years there will be 3 billion smartphones in the world. We are working hard to provide the best Mobile Marketing and Mobile Commerce solutions to allow advertisers generate great campaigns 100% based on ROI.

Marketing agency? Become a Partner and offer to your customer a new valuable platform to engage customers with point-of-sale activities, offline activities, both offline and online campaigns, couponing, discounts, sweepstakes with an easy-to-use customizable platform.

The training of all our collaborators is critical, so we offer all the advice necessary to ensure that our Partner quality service and added value for the customer.

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Create valuable mobile experiences that are smart, relevant and easy to use with our mobile marketing platform.

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ZASQRLatest scans of ZASQR codes

ZASQR Connect to YOUR clients with Zasqr

    Focused on experiences
    Zasqr is not only a dynamic QR code, but a complete platform that enables mobile marketing to create complete and complex experiences for your customers in a few clicks without the need and cost of custom development. (+)

    Powerful analysis tools
    Zasqr offers powerful tools that facilitate all the information by reading the codes, by age, gender, country, language, device, network operator, connection type, and more. (+)

    Advanced functions for everything you need
    In addition to the standard functions you can perform with any QR code, Zasqr provides a platform capable of generating contests, sweepstakes, coupons, forms of satisfaction, capturing leads, comments, sharing photos and more. (+)

    To "give wings" to your campaigns and promotions
    Zasqr also uses bar codes printed in the manufacture of any product, taking your promotions to the dealer or the fridge of your consumer, amplifying the effect through the integration with social networks. Easy, dynamic, efficient. (+)

    Create smart packaging with Zasqr
    Thanks to Zasqr technology, everyday packaging can now become intelligent, providing consumers with immediate answers to all doubts that arise when in front of the shelf. (+)

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