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ZASQRLatest scans of ZASQR codes

ZASQR Connect to YOUR clients with Zasqr

    To "give wings" to your campaigns and promotions
    Zasqr also uses bar codes printed in the manufacture of any product, taking your promotions to the dealer or the fridge of your consumer, amplifying the effect through the integration with social networks. Easy, dynamic, efficient.

    Building campaigns and actions associated with a product barcode is something really innovative and powerful. Can you imagine that each product could be a point of contact with our consumers?

    Thousands and thousands of opportunities to talk with our customers from the supermarket shelves, the pharmacy counter, the shelves of the library, the fridge at home!

    Thousands and thousands of opportunities to interact with our "fans", ask them how to improve our products, understand them better, find out their needs, joke with them, entertain them, make them laugh, reward their loyalty and capture their attention in a very quick, simple manner without waiting.

    You can activate a new campaign and immediately thousands of products begin to interact with our customers at no additional cost, without costly changes in the manufacturing and distribution processes and no waiting.

    Still think you can live without Zasqr?

© Zasqr, and are ideas of Acertio Factoría Creativa