Create valuable mobile experiences that are smart, relevant and easy to use with our mobile marketing platform.

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ZASQR Connect to YOUR clients with Zasqr

    Focused on experiences
    Zasqr is not only a dynamic QR code, but a complete platform that enables mobile marketing to create complete and complex experiences for your customers in a few clicks without the need and cost of custom development.

    Zasqr is designed to generate new points of contact with people through the use of QR codes and barcodes of products, but unlike traditional QR platforms, Zasqr has been developed considering how to add value to people in a coherent manner to the context (at home or in the street with a mobile phone in hand).

    Zasqr allows the customer, with a simple "bang" and without asking the user information, to receive email documentation (eg. a catalogue of products or services, the material of a workshop, the map with "directions" to a party, passes of entry to a fair, etc.). Furthermore, you are enabled to register for an event on the calendar, automatically recording the appointment (date, time, place, notes), sign a newsletter or email, share a photo with all the other people participating in a "physical experience" (an exhibition, a seminar, a party, a visit to a museum, etc ...), enter a contest or sweepstakes, fill out a satisfaction questionnaire or assessment, signing an album of views, comments, support or vote, receive a discount coupon and even win an instant prize and more.

    More importantly Zasqr is an experience! An unforgettable experience that allows you to communicate and interact with customers, potential customers, citizens, members .. people, turning any OffLine experience (press, outdoor advertising, illuminated signs, marquees, product packaging, flyers, brochures, etc..) into an Online experience to capture, create value and loyalty.

© Zasqr, and are ideas of Acertio Factoría Creativa