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ZASQRLatest scans of ZASQR codes

ZASQR Connect to YOUR clients with Zasqr

    Advanced functions for everything you need
    In addition to the standard functions you can perform with any QR code, Zasqr provides a platform capable of generating contests, sweepstakes, coupons, forms of satisfaction, capturing leads, comments, sharing photos and more.

    A broad set of advanced features to develop campaigns and promotional activities, in addition to all the functions that a QR code can be done in standard form (link, contact card, SMS, etc):

    • Sending email from catalogues, offers, information, discounts
    • Sharing a message via Social Networks
    • Conduct satisfaction surveys and forms
    • Subscribe to a newsletter or information channel
    • Receive a discount coupon
    • Register for an event, seminar, conference, party
    • Share a photo or a comment
    • Buy or sell something
    • Make a drawing or an instant prize

    All functions have a validity period, multi-language management, integration with Facebook and Twitter for advertisers and consumers and can be associated with any bar code present on the packaging of any product.

    To participate you only need the Zasqr application (available for iPhone and Android) and to register with username, email and password. The registry can be accessed from the mobile application or via Web

    Mobile Application Zasqr is also a powerful and fast (10 times faster than other readers for Smartphone) barcode and QR codes reader and can read any standard code, without the need for prior registration. Thus, Zasqr Smartphone application may be the default QR code and barcode reader for anybody, even if you decide not to register in or participate in Zasqr experiences.

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